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The Aphelion are a hard hitting progressive metal band from Ottawa, Ontario who have been active since 2015. They cut their teeth playing local shows, working out their image and sound on local Ottawa stages for three years before reaching their current lineup of Evan Haydon-Selkirk (lead vocals, bass guitar), James Cabral (guitar, keyboard), Tyler Davis (guitar, backing vocals), and Nathanael Livingstone (drums, percussion). They take influence from artists such as Devin Townsend, Haken, Leprous, and countless others.


The Aphelion’s lyrics focus on telling album-spanning stories inspired by philosophy and the human condition. Musically, the sonic goal is one of innovation, dramatic flair, and emotional gravity, with occasional unexpected shifts in genre to create contrast and bring levity. Their debut album, The Labour Division, was released on August 17th, 2018, and marked the first step towards that goal. However, when attempting innovation, one does not stagnate for long, and the Aphelion certainly have not; the band plans to re-enter the studio in 2020 to record their second full length album.


On the live stage, the Aphelion endeavour to bring the drama and bombast of their material to life with energetic and emotional live shows focusing on audience participation and feats of musical gymnastics. Truly a single unit, the members interact, spotlight each other for solo sections, and support each other from the first note to the last. Afterwards, the members can be found at the merch booth, or in the pit supporting their fellow locals and headliners.


The Aphelion have opened for bands such as Ne Obliviscaris, Alestorm, Powerglove, Heaven’s Cry, and Red Handed Denial, and have begun expanding their reach throughout Ontario and Quebec, touring through cities such as Toronto, Montreal, North Bay, Pembroke, and Sudbury. They hope to continue spreading their unique brand of progressive music throughout all of Canada, and the world.

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“The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun.”



Evan Haydon-Selkirk


Vocals and bass

Gear of choice

Gibson Thunderbird, Ibanez RDGR5

Darkglass Electronics, Neural DSP


To be able to live off of music alone, to produce music that people don't hate, and to be the very best, like no one ever was

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Nate Livingstone



Gear of choice:

Los cabos drum sticks, Sabian cymbals, Mapex drums, Pearl kick pedals, Roland ekit


To continue to support myself through what I love. To have a good second release with the Aphelion. To wait out Covid so it's safe to be hired for gigs again.

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Tyler Davis


Guitar and vocals

Gear of choice: 

Strandberg, Blackstar Amplification, Neural DSP


To find the ultimate shawarma.

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James Cabral


Guitar, keyboard

Gear of choice: 

PRS SE, KORG Krome, Blackstar Amplification


To continue to improve as a musician and composer, to share complex music with a wider audience

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